DateRipper is an app for football connoisseurs. The DateRipper app provides the biorhythms of all players in the Premier League, Primera Division, Bundesliga, Serie A and Dutch Eredivisie on the day of the match. An interesting tool for those football fans who wish to know how their heroes, and the opponents, will perform. With the app you can check the upcoming fixtures of the team, the birthdays of all players and biorhythms of your own choice. The app comes in handy when taken to the match or while watching the game on TV. 

The DateRipper app is now available in the AppStore for iPhone users. One favourite club and the biorhythm programme can be downloaded free of charge. If you are interested in buying the data of more teams, one league with all the players of all clubs costs €0,79. The app will also be valid during the coming years, as the transfers, promotion and relegation within the leagues and the upcoming fixtures will constantly be updated.